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Muslims stage silent protest march over Tiwari remark in Ajmer-Times of India

TNN | Dec 12, 2015, 01.59PM IST   AJMER: Hundreds of Muslims staged a silent protest march against the derogatory remark on Islam religion by

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TNN | Dec 12, 2015, 01.59PM IST


AJMER: Hundreds of Muslims staged a silent protest march against the derogatory remark on Islam religion by Kamlesh Tiwari of Hindu mahasabha after the prayers at dargah on Friday afternoon. The protesters also went to the district headquarters and gave memorandum in the name of Prime Minister Narendra Modi demanding stern action against Tiwari.

The protesters included khadims, maulanas and also common Muslim devotees who had came to attend the special prayer on Friday. Showing concern over the remark, they staged a protest. “Sufi Moinuddin Chishty gave the message of brotherhood and harmony and to maintain these teachings we request people of India not to hurt sentiments of anyone related to religion,” said a maulana.

The delegation while handing over the memorandum to the administration also demanded a law in the country to put a brake on speeches made by religious leaders of any community. They said that harmony is key to the nation and, therefore, teachings of Sufi Khwaja Moinuddin are contemporary.
The protest march started from Nizam gate of the dargah after the special prayer. After passing through different roads of the city, it reached the district headquarters. Looking at the march, HHigh security was deputed to control the situation.

Devotees also joined the protest and said that they wanted to give a message to the country in a peaceful way that hurting anyone is not a step towards development. On this occasion, Maulana Mehandi Miyan said that the act of Tiwari of insulting the apostle of peace and brotherhood has left the people deeply hurt. Tiwari had on Thursday remarked about Islam in Varanasi. He added that they condemned the speech of Tiwari and demand the PM to ban Hindu mahasabha.

The protest was supported by hundreds of khadims and they also offered prayers after the special namaz for peace and harmony in the country. One of the groups also appealed to the youth not to get annoyed over the messages running on different social sites. Looking to the march, some organizations also came out in support of the protest and condemned the hate speech atmosphere in the country. Sources said that different meetings were held in khadims and also of maulanas on the discussion on the hate speech and later they decided to have a protest march on Friday. Sources said that the CID of state police noted the strength and numbers and sent the report to the state government.