Why Membership is important ??

Membership is Important for any Movement. AIUMB is nothing but a Sunni peoples movement. It is fighting for the rights of Sunni Sufi (Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat) Muslims in India.  And for any movement to be successful we need peoples voice and togetherness.

It is a two way Process. We need the People and People need an organisation like us. Volunteers and members who have a torch in there heart to do something different and to change the society to a better one.

Sunni Sufi Muslims have been denied of their rights for long now. Now here is an organisation that will stand tall and face the extremist thought process and educate the Muslims of the traditional and Peaceful Islam.

Thus joining and being part of this organisation will give strength to you as Sunni Sufi Muslim and as an individual. And in the Process the organisation will gain strength.