Muslim Mahapanchayat Bikaner

‘Muslim Mahapanchayat’ (Muslim Assembly) in Bikaner

Save India from Vindictive Talibani Thought,

More Than 2 Million Sunni Muslim Echoed against Terrorism


Lambasted Terrorism, Appeal to save Islamic Heritage, Demanded to free India from Saudi Wahabi Agenda

Bikaner, Feb 10.

The grounds of the historic Sadul club stored with more than two million people of Sunni Sufis across India. It was really a memorable glimpse while lacs of people echoed ‘Bhaarat Zindabaad’ (Long Live India) & ‘Wahabi Murdabad’ (Wahabism, go to hell)


General Secretary of All India Ulema Board Maulana Syed Muhammad Ashraf Kichhouchhawi said that we shall not allow to use Indian soil for spreading terrorism. He blaimed that Saudi Arabia Petro Dollar is continuously ruining the world Islamic Heritage & culture and true Indian Muslim will not accept the imposition of Saudi Wahabi agenda over India. Maulana Ashraf remembered that Saudi Wahabi ideology only target soft Sunni world like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tunisia, Egypt, Mali, Libya, Iraq and now Syria. Maulana Ashraf warned Wahabist elements that they would be booked under the law, if they try to hamper India secular co existence social fabric.


He constantly lambasted Indian political class for not understanding the need and representation of Sunni Muslims in political gallery. Maulana Ashraf told that radical Wahabi fake Sunni Muslims looting the right of 80% real Sunni Muslims. He reiterated that the moderate Sunni Sufi Muslims in the country is 80% of Muslim population, but its participation in power and political gallery is zero. He

Draw a dictum that true Indian Sunni Muslim is neither  going to profess Wahabi religious leader nor accepting Wahabi as political mentor.


Addressing in an emotional tone Maulana Syed Jalaluddin Ashraf  Quadri Mian said catastrophe of Islamic world is carried out by foolish fanatical Wahhabist.  He told that we shall not allow Wahabi Gothic to capture India, which is more dangerous rather than others. Maulana Quadari said that Wahabi has a fear of ‘Dome’ that is why he try to blast it everywhere. They tried it from Africa to Pakistan to Afghanistan to Syria, but they will not be successful here in India as we are much aware of this dirty game of Saudi Arabian regime.

Ajmer Dargah presbyter and All India Ulama and Mashaikh Board Patron in Chief Maulana Syed Mehdi Mian told that the mystic land of Indian Saints and its culture unwelcome Wahabi Salafi ideology.


The All India Ulama and Mashaikh Board also emphasized that the 80% Muslim population of the country, in the spirit of government programs, planning and policy find no place. The Wahabi agenda to hinge on India and Islamic archeology, shrines, mosques and madrasas. The demand letter was passed in Sadul Club ground in the presence of more than two million people in unison, “Please accept, please accept it” slogan made by vibrant sky.


Chief Conservator of shrines, Ulema (knower of Islam), the imam of the local mosque, city Qazis of Rajasthan including several hundreds of millions of people attended the assembly.To make it grand success of the program Rafiq Shah, Haji Salim Sodha, Maqbool Hussain alias Mantu Sodha, Nuruddin Qurashi, Mahbub Ali Khan, Muhammad Ali, Meraj Khan, Mubeen Ahmed, Qari Ali Nawaz, Kalu Khan, Ahmed Bhutta and Ateeq devoted whole heartedly. Dawate Sunni Islamic institution, including many local organizations worked day and night to make the program success.
President of the Board of Uttar Pradesh Ammar Ahmad Ahmadi, Qari Ayub from Muzaffarpur, Qari Mati ur Rehamn from Samastipur, Qari Amir Raza, hundreds of Muslim thinkers, Ulema and the common people were also present.