A Muslim organization pledges loyalty to PM Narendra Modi

September 2, 2015Fearless-Indian-1

A Muslim Sufi organization has pledged its fealty to Prime Minster Narendra Modi. The All Indian Ulema and Mashaikh Board (AIUMB), has pledged to work with the Prime Minister on countering terrorism and eradicating extremist ideology from the country.

Syed Mohammad Ashraf Kichhowchhawi, founder and president of AIUMB, said

The AIUMB will help prepare the syllabus for such open education centres in Muslim areas where peaceful religious courses are taught. We (Sufi Muslims) are against terrorism and consider it against Islam. We cannot support anything that is unIslamic.

He further added,

Sufism is a way of life and is above religion. It stands for peace. Wherever Sufi ideology got weakened, terrorism grew. The example is Kashmir.”

Kichhowchhawi had led a team of about 40 Sufi clerics, who interacted with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The PM had told the delegation that ideology propounded by Sufi saints was integral to Indian ethos but forces of extremism are trying to weaken it. He had asked them to counter such forces through various avenues including on social media, so that the ideology of extremism does not take root in India.

After the meeting the AIUMB was all praise for the Prime Minister and claimed that none of the other previous leaders of the country have never truly realized the potential of Sufism.

Those who ruled the country and for whom we voted traditionally never cared for our issues. This is a ruler who got the seat without our votes and is still listening to us. He does not need us. He does not look at everything with an eye on the votes,” Kichhowchhawi said.

The AIUMB told the PM that they don’t want people to create a divide between communities just to increase their own vote bank. The PM has assured that necessary action will be taken and he will also address the nation’s Muslims in his next ‘Mann ki Baat’.

The PM said,

“I had the opportunity of meeting Sufi saints and scholars… Perhaps, it has become the foremost need for the world to know the true picture of Islam… I am confident that Sufi culture, which is associated with love and generosity, will spread this message far and wide. It will benefit Islam as well as humankind.”

A Muslim organization pledges loyalty to PM Narendra Modi