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AIUMB Welcomes Action against Zakir Naek and IRF: Press Release

New Delhi 19 November [press release] All India Ulama &Mashaikh Board has welcomed the decision of filing FIR by NIA against Dr Zakir Naek and h

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New Delhi 19 November

[press release]

All India Ulama &Mashaikh Board has welcomed the decision of filing FIR by NIA against Dr Zakir Naek and his NGO IRF and said that harsh steps are necessary to stop misuse of Islam for radicalizing Muslim Youth who otherwise prefer to remain away from any anti nation activity.

President and Founder of AIUMB Hazrat Maulana Syed Mohammad Ashraf Kichchawchchvi said in statement that Zakir Naek was destroying peace and harmony in the society and was also radicalizing youth in the name of preaching Islam and it went beyond doubts after Dhaka Holy Artisan Terror attack which was followed by confession of one of the attackers that he was impressed by the speeches of Zakir Naek.

He said that raids have resulted in seizure of banned currency notes in lakhs and gold besides incriminating documents and this also says that there was anything doubtful with IRF and its activities.

He welcomed the statement of one of the office bearers of IRF that whenever required Zakir Naik will be asked to report he will be available to security agencies for questioning.

President of AIUMB demanded that Zakir Naik must come clean on all the allegations that have formed the basis of FIR and raids against him and his NGO.

President of the board said that AIUMB has been protesting against misadventures of Zakir Naik since long but successive governments chose to ignore the man and his machinery which is causing damage to the thought process of Muslim youth within India and also beyond.

Hazrat Maulana further said that Indian Muslims have always flatly refused to be swayed by any propaganda and the society at large is trying to identify with saner people but such individuals like Zakir Naek and institutions lie his NGO are creating bad impressions of young minds on the name of Islamic preaching where they misinterpret Quran and the sayings of prophet PBUH.

AIUMB demands that harsher steps be taken against all such elements including Zakir Naik and IRF that are indulging in activities that attract legal actions, ban, raids and seizures.