RUSSIA Conference of Islamic Spiritual Unity Meet

18-21 Oct 2016- Moscow - Russia The Conference successfully gathered Islamic Spiritual Leaders from 20 countries including all provinces of Rus

18-21 Oct 2016- Moscow – Russia

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The Conference successfully gathered Islamic Spiritual Leaders from 20 countries including all provinces of Russian Federations .

AIUMB insisted on upholding the Spiritual Umbrella of Islamic Sufi traditions which serve as an antidote to any kind of extremism in the name of religion and sectarian conflicts within religion.

INDIA’s positive role in spreading and spear heading the Islamic Spiritual traditions of Sufi practices was acknowledged by all spiritual leaderships from 20 countries which insisted on INDIA can be the Spiritual leader for Islamic World keeping in view of INDIA being second largest Muslim populated country in the world with so strong Islamic Spiritual Traditions and Practices across INDAI from Kashmir to down South INDIA.

AIUMB has played a proactive role in leading INDIA’s spiritual traditions to the world. AIUMB Participation and Activities in global Islamic Conferences, Forums, and Summits must always be done on behalf of INDIA and INDIAN MUSLIMS.

World Forum on the approximation of schools of thought “Unity of Islam – the unity of the Muslims, founding dialogue” took place on October 19, 2016 in Moscow. Organized by the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of the Russian Federation (RF DUM), the World Assembly on the approximation of the Islamic schools of thought and the secretariat of the International Islamic Forum.

The urgency of the problems is not in doubt. The world, its calm, balanced state and safety than ever before are in direct relation to the understanding of the theory and practice of Islam. Troubles of the Islamic world that go beyond it, is proof. This so-called “Islamic State” (banned organization in the Russian Federation), and not a single presence in its battle formations of Russian citizens. Also, many other terrorist groups carried out their fanaticism, their justification and propaganda. Here slogans calling for the construction of a worldwide caliphate, and much like the other. Under this brings all sorts of “theory.” Armed with the banner of Islam, thus blasphemously violating his fundamental principles, the dark forces of selfish, sinister to pervert the essence of religion, put its misinterpretation as an ideological justification of their desire for power, for domination. It is necessary to overturn, to sweep away man-hating, cannibalistic pseudo arguments awaken in the hearts and souls of the Muslims lost the love of one’s neighbour, to kindness, to reason with them.

Mazhabs, with all their diversity have this ability, having adequate capacity. It is very significant to seek to ensure that the essence of their teachings into a rod understanding of Islam worldwide. In this regard, a lot of problems. They are solved. But there is a huge hard work. This situation is presented as a confrontation between humanity and barbarism, good and evil, along with the theological differences, the role and importance that this does not decrease.


Organizers with deep knowledge of the case properly reacted to the essence of the situation, which is increasingly understanding among the rank and file of the faithful Muslims, and a high international level.

In this process, it is important to mention the authority and the successful management of international activities DUM Russian Federation, which is the main generator and the organizer of the event. In particular, its role in the new rapprochement between Russia and Turkey, the aptly named Damir Muhetdinovym as “spiritual riot president.” The ongoing achievements are in a logical connection with the design courses, conducted DUM Russian Federation in respect of the Russian umma. An obvious landmark here became held in September 2014 in Moscow the next VI Congress of the Majlis-Spiritual Administration of Muslims of European Russia (Doumer), when the main Spiritual Administration of Muslims of the country has become the current abbreviation, it has been put forward and substantiated the idea of the organizational unity of the Muslims.

The forum was a continuation of harmonious and developed its initiative in the international arena. Rightly called a trunk line. It expanded the horizons for all the more active and fruitful activity within the Russian umma and the international level, where RF DUM deservedly ranked among the leaders of the Islamic world. Mufti Gaynutdin in the ranking of 500 most influential Muslims in 2017, including leading Muslim scholars, politicians, cultural and other fields of public life. In his speech, calling for unity of Muslims, he attaches great importance to that difference of opinion in the global ummah is not the cause of the conflict. In practice, therefore, he cautioned against dogmatism, noting that Islam has never suffered from the creativity, the knowledge of the essence of the core, and faith in the truth. The convergence of schools of thought, in his opinion, such a responsible understanding of what is happening and gives hope to the faithful see themselves as part of a single Ummah. Pluralistic interpretation of Islamic tradition, differences of opinion – in that their perception is the wealth of the Ummah. In his view, it argues Quranic humanism as a way to a unified spiritual basis of co-existence. His words received broad support in the subsequent presentations. In particular, a prominent Iranian scholar, taking an active part in the work of the International University “Al-Mustafa” – Hojjat al-Islam wal-Muslimeen Shamlu Ali Abbas, said that the dialogue is not a quarrel, not discord, dialogue – search for unity. Founder and president of the AIUMB  – Maulana Syed Mohammad Ashraf confirmed that the issue of conflict in the ideological aspect is a narrow interpretation of religion. Sir Iqbal Sacranie, the first secretary general of the Muslim Council of Britain, a board member of the World Islamic Economic Forum, said that in England, the problem of differences of opinion of the British Muslim Ummah has undesirable internal content. To neutralize need a single platform where global ideological problems worldwide ummah can not be reduced to a consumer unsuitability of certain groups of Muslims. And in light of this, in his opinion, the Forum is very actual. Speech by Russian Professor Ibrahim Tawfiq was imbued with the spirit of the name of the Forum. At the end of the discussion, the Forum participants unanimously signed a Memorandum of Understanding between the Russian Federation and the World of DUM forum for rapprochement of Islamic schools of thought. Thereby recognizing the leading role of the missionary DUM the Russian Federation on the unity of Muslims worldwide.

What is the main success of the forum? No, it would seem sensational bursts of high-profile revelations ideological opponents, overthrew them to complete rejection of the recent champions. But there are equally important, if not more. The unity of the healthy forces in Islam is gaining even greater potential in spite of extremism, terrorism and obscurantism else. Work on a firm footing and conducted systematically, uncompromisingly. Its members, while continuing efforts to expose their ideological opponents on the level of daily political struggle, much attention is paid to the underlying positive developments in the global Islamic community. The resolution of the Forum presented a set of conditions for deeper understanding of the commandments of the Qur’an and the Sunnah of the unity of Muslims and measures for their implementation.

The World Forum for proximity of schools of thought “the unity of Islam is the unity of the Muslims: grounds dialogue”

The World Forum for proximity of schools of thought “the unity of Islam is the unity of the Muslims: grounds of dialogue” took place on 19 October 2016 G. In Moscow. The organizers were made by the spiritual administration of the Muslims of the Russian Federation (dum RF), the world forum for proximity of Islamic schools of thought and the secretariat of the international Muslim forum.

The Relevance of issues there is no doubt. The World, his calm, the equilibrium condition and security as never before, are in direct dependence on the understanding of the theory and practice of Islam. Mutiny of the Islamic world, going well beyond it, the proof of that. This is the so-called “Islamic State” (a proscribed organisation in the Russian Federation), and not the presence of the singularity in its fighting forces of the citizens of Russia. Also, a lot of other terrorist groups, their zealotry, their justification and propaganda. Here the same slogans with appeals to build a world caliphate and much like another. It’s under the “Theory of all kinds”. armed with banner of Islam, it is a sacrilege in blatant violation of his fundamental principles, dark forces for selfish, evil purposes pervert the essence of the religion, raise her wrong interpretation as an ideological justification of their aspirations to power, TO DOMINATE. Bottoms up, need to wipe the hate, lyudoyedskiye pseudo arguments, to awaken in the hearts and souls of misguided Muslims love of neighbour, the kindness, talk some sense into them.


Theses  report on the forum for proximity of schools of thought “the unity of Islam is the unity of the Muslims: grounds dialogue”
– application of the criteria of the proposed al-Ghazali, gives as a result of the widest possible and plyuralistichnuyu model of Islam, which are integrated and the traditionalists (in the face of akhl al-Hadith), and mutakallimy and sufii, and Shia – all those groups, who recognize a prophetic mission Muhammad ṣly̱ ạllh ʿlyh wslm and his words, but I disagree on secondary issues relating to the interpretation of these words.
Such plyuralistichnoye understanding islam smirennom rests on the recognition of the limitations of the human mind to comprehend in the word of God. A man who thinks your interpretation or interpretation of its schools in the truth of last resort, almost equates himself to God. As for man, allowing for the possibility of different interpretations, recognizes the limited any understanding and, above all, of their own, so he is always open to new knowledge. This man is aware of the depth and neischerpayemostʹ the word of God, which is the great ibn Arabi and not without justification bezbrezhnym compared with the ocean. He leaves at the court of Allah, whose interpretation has proven to be correct. Human sustenance is to seek to understand, but a final judgement on the entirety of this understanding only God can handle.

Theses  report on the forum for proximity of schools of thought “the unity of Islam is the unity of the Muslims: grounds dialogue”
– convergence of schools of thought means not bringing them together in some kind of a new madhhab, not abolishment of schools of thought, but, above all, the awareness of yourself as a part of a single Ummah. It’s spiritual, strategic, Social Association, but it is the recognition of our diversity as a manifestation of the grace of the almighty.
– spiritual and social unity of Muslims should be based on the understanding plyuralistichnom Islamic tradition, which suggests the inclusion in the field of Islam, a variety of currents. It should also be based on a clear awareness of the differences between the pillars of faith (Islamic Monotheism, the mission of Muhammad ṣly̱ ạllh ʿlyh wslm and the day of resurrection) and secondary problems. If in the area of the basics, we must remain United, on secondary issues our disagreement is the wealth of the Ummah. I guess the convergence of schools of thought should happen with the support of these fundamental principles.

Theses report on the forum for proximity of schools of thought “the unity of Islam is the unity of the Muslims: grounds dialogue”
– the text of the holy Quran literally leaking, is laced with the theme of unity and solidarity of Muslims.
– identity of Islam lies in the fact that it’s internally plyuralistichnaya theological tradition. Islam permits the disagreement on many issues. External Diversity does not contradict the spiritual unity.
– Russian Muslim theologian Moses bigiyev really have a point: ” Islam has never endured the loss from the differences. All the troubles that struck him, descended from the appeals to the reunification of the believers in one mazkhaba and uniformity in thinking ”
– and with some mutakallimami asharitskoy school, Al-Ghazali detail to substantiate an alternative ekslyuzivistskomu understanding pravoveriya, characteristic for them; according to this plural alternative, regarded as a Muslim should be everyone who recognizes the case with the mission of Muhammad ṣly̱ ạllh ʿlyh wslm and the inevitability of the onset of the day of judgment. On these fundamental principles of the nation (Usul Al-Akida) there can be no disagreement, while the controversy, the ongoing on secondary (the big rig ‘) issues must not be a basis for charges in a state of disbelief. With Al-Ghazali emphasizes that the recognition of the prophetic mission of Muhammad ṣly̱ ạllh ʿlyh wslm implies faith in the truth of all, he said, and believe in the truth, that is, to recognize the reality of the above reasons, can be in different ways, depending on the level of interpretation (TA ‘ Coerver). The differences between schools is the differences in the interpretatsiyakh, not a distinction on the basis of the correct denomination / heresy. Therefore, the condition of belonging to Islam is not a belief in the approval asharitov, maturiditov communion, Sufi, etc., do not taqlid some medieval bogoslovu, and faith in the truth of the words of the Prophet (peace be upon him).