AIUMB strongly condemned the acts of terror in Sri Lanka

New Delhi,  April 23.

The All India Ulama & Mashaikh Board (AIUMB) strongly condemned the acts of terror triggered by multiple bomb blasts on the Easter morning on worshipers in churches and many guests at hotels in Sri Lanka that destroyed mercilessly more than 300 innocent lives and critically injured more than 500 people.

AIUMB offered condolences to all bereaved families and shared the grief and pain as fellow human beings.

AIUMB, in no uncertain terms, stated that acts of terror and violence against fellow human beings is a brutal assault on the dignity of humanity or Karamat-e-Insani, which is the most important objective of the Sharia in Islam.

AIUMB founder and President Hazrat Syed Mohammad Ashraf  said that acts of terror such as this leave deep wounds as they destroy innocent lives and families.

“As we condemn terror and violence resolutely with courage we resolve to work towards Reconciliation and Peace that are foundational principles of Sufism in Islam. We join in spirit with all people of good will and seekers of peace”, he added.