Syed Babar Ashraf removed from the post of General Secretary of AIUMB

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Syed Babar Ashraf removed from the post of General Secretary of AIUMB

Lucknow, 27 January 2015 [Press Release] Syed Babar Ashraf has been removed from the post of General Secretary of All India Ulama &Mashaikh Board

Lucknow, 27 January 2015 [Press Release]

Syed Babar Ashraf has been removed from the post of General Secretary of All India Ulama &Mashaikh Board for his anti Board activities and indiscipline.

This was announced today by Syed Mohammad Ashraf Kichchawchchvi, the president and founder of the Board in a press conference called to announce establishment of District units of the board in Uttar Pradesh.

Hazrat Maulana Syed Mohammad Ashraf Kichchawchchvi told media persons that Syed Babar Ashraf, working as General Secretary failed to heed repeated warnings since December 2013 and kept on his anti AIUMB activities for the whole year. His activities have done immense harm to the image and mission of the board. He was given all the possible space to correct his conduct but he carried on with indiscipline, miserably failed to explain his conduct and used the banner for his personal gains. Though he apologized both verbally and in writing but kept on behaving in the same objectionable manner which was forbidden.

His case was discussed in mid December 2014 in a New Delhi meeting presided over by President and attended by state presidents of several states like Delhi, Bihar, Jharkhand, Rajasthan, UP. Maharashtra Chattisgadh, Madhya Pradesh etc. Syed Mehdi Mian Chishti Moini, the patron of the Board, who was present, gave his full consent to the decision. The participants took serious note of a report sent by central office to the president which says he has not attended office since July 2014 while he was supposed to live and work from central office. His last full time presence in the office discontinued from 25th May 2014. He defied all the codes of the board willfully and without any pressure. His interaction with other members of the society as General Secretary has been under questions since then. He has been conducting meetings on behalf of the Board for which he has not been authorized by the president.

New Delhi meeting also emphasized that no adjustment with the agenda and mission of the board is acceptable. Any one going against the mission will have to pay its price.

This was also made clear that AIUMB is working on a mission that is totally based on the restoration of the rights of Muslims and hence no personal interest should guide the agenda.

On the occasion of inauguration of UP office of AIUMB, president addressed the participants and announced the core committee decision to oust Syed Babar Ashraf from the board on the charges of anti board activities and gross indiscipline.

Inaugural function was conveyed by Shah Ammar Ahmad Ahmadi, president UP AIUMB and was attended by all the District presidents and general secretaries. The names of the district office holders were declared during Amethi SUNNI Conference. Now regular committees are to be constituted. He said that membership drive is to be taken in a big way. Some units like Amethi District unit have been renewed according to the work and worth demonstrated by the existing members.

The AIUMB  president has observed during his regular or almost daily interactions with the Sufi Sunni Muslims all over India including Uttar Pradesh that more and more people are connecting with the organization and their expectations and hopes are  rising that  need to be channelized in more organized manner so regular district committees are now a must.

Lucknow Office Was Inaugurated by the President and Founder of the BOARD.

On the occasion Shah Ammar Ahmad Ahmadi  ,President UP AIUMB, said that now as we have established our UP office and drafted a broad roadmap for establishing offices in all the district headquarters of the State,  General Secretary AIUMB  UP Syed Hammad Ashraf has been entrusted the task of completing the process in next few weeks. Shah Hasan Jamee, national Secretary thanked the participants.

Hazrat Maulana Syed Mohammad Ashraf Kichchawchchvi said that AIUMB has been established to promote culture of peace and resisting extremism in the society especially among Muslim youth and since a decade, board is doing this relentlessly. The mission of the board demands full commitment and no indiscipline will be tolerated.  He said that ouster of Syed Babar Ashraf by the core committee is a reminder for all of us to remain fully committed to the cause. Any anti AIUMB activity will attract only this harsh reaction from the core committee