Sunni Conference Bihar

In a series of high pitch mass contact program of the president of All India Ulama Mashaikh Board Syed Mohammad Ashraf Kichchawchchvi addressed several Sunni conferences that witnessed lacks of Sunni Sufis in gatherings.

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Situated in the Sufi heartland of Bihar Bhagalpur is a town known as Mazarat ka shahr, and this nick name speaks a lot about the Sufi culture of the city. This came into reckoning on 16th May 2010 when AIUMB organized Sunni conference and people came to attend in a very number. It is said Bhagalpur has never earlier seen this kind of crowd. An estimate says it was beyond 4 lacks. Huzoor Asharaf e Millat led the congregation with his known anti extremist stand and in his speech he dwelt on all the issues that concern humanity i.e. universal Love, global peace, human compassion and cp existence.


Maulana Nooruddin Asdaq  from Khanqah e Asdaqia , Maulana Syed Mahmood Jami from Khanqah e Shahbazia, Bhagalpur, Syed Noorani MiaN Saheb Qibla from Kichchawchcha Sharif, Syed Jalaluddin Qadri, Qaed e Millat Syed Mahmood Ashraf Al jilani  were the main speakers.

Maulana Asdaq pledged the unconditional support to AIUMB from his own Khanqah and other under it. He showered praise on those lacks of Sunni Muslims who came to attend the conference in heat of the summer in May. He gave an indication that AIUMB might take politics as a means to serve the SUNNI Muslims and if it happens, all present there will give their unconditional support. He said that the belief system of a Sunni Sufi Muslim never allows him to drift away from the path of truth.


Syed Noorani MiaN said that we are here to claim our representation that has been hijacked by those who do not believe in basics. All the Khanqahs, Dargahs and Aastanas are icons of humanity and Muslims in India should be identified with Khawaja Gharib Nawaz the spiritual icon not Zaheeruddin Babar the political founder of Mughal dynasty. He said that Sunni Sufi Muslims will not allow any body to grab their property in any garb.

Syed Jalaluddin Qadri Mian endorsed the claim of that Sunni UFI Muslims are more than 80 p.c in Indian Muslim population. He mentioned the contributions of Ahmad Ashraf in keeping the Sufi character of Bhagalpur intact in101_0135 face of aggression from Wahhabis. He noted that there are people who are grabbing the rights of Muslims by faking their representation. No one will be allowed to snatch our rights, destroy our practices and interfere in shariat. He highlighted some grabbing exercises in Kanpur, Jaipur, and Mumbai etc. He was much vocal against Wahhabis in his speech and extorted all present there to isolate them because they are managing to enter their ranks in garb of Sufis. Jalaluddin Qadri Mian spoke about Jaloos e Mohammadi and said wherever it is political necessity of Wahhabis they lead this procession to celebrate birth of Prophet PBUH and on other places they declare this birthday celebration has no religious sanction. This double speaks need to be exposed. He said we tried to convince the powers through our men but they all were hijacked so now Ulama and Mashaikh have decided to personally take up the fight for their laws, lands and practices.

The then president of the board Syed Mahmood Ashraf thanked all who had come to attend the conference from 101_0153several areas of west Bihar. He said the Indian Muslims owes to Khawaja Gharib Nawaz. He has not been settled in India by any Najdi. He said the relations of Muslims with India are as old as from the time of 4th Caliph Hazrat e Usman Ghani. He dwelt on misrepresentation or underrepresentation of Sunni Muslims in Muslim bodies and government bodies requiring mandatory Muslim representation. Mahmood Ashraf elaborated that Waqf Boards, Hajj Committees, Maulana Azad Education Foundation, Council for promotion of Urdu language and all such organizations were hijacked by Wahhabis .The share of Wahhabis in Indian Muslim population is 13 p.c. and yet they are allowed to decide the fates of genuine 80 p.c Sufi Muslims. He demanded this must stop. Sufi Sunni Muslims must be given their share in manning and managing the Muslim affairs.

He said AIUMB has no problem with the Wahhabis. They are equal citizens of the country. The problem lies in their agenda of faking Muslim representation. They have managed to gain access to the rulers by faking our representation. They have been able to distort the truth that Waqf properties are historically all Sufi Assets and they must be manned and managed by those who believe in the basics of endowment.