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All India Ulama Mashaikh Board protests against non representation of Muslims in Muslim affairs

Jagdishpur /Amethi 23-Sep 2013(RINA) In a meeting at jagdishpur in the Amethi, the parliamentary constituency of Vice president of AICC, Shri Rahul G

Jagdishpur /Amethi 23-Sep 2013(RINA)

In a meeting at jagdishpur in the Amethi, the parliamentary constituency
of Vice president of AICC, Shri Rahul Gandhi a big group of Sunni Sufi Muslims decided to hold a grand rally on 24th November in Jagdishpur to record their protest against non representation of Muslims in Muslim affairs.
The meeting at Jamia Nooria Madinatul Uloom, Bahua, Jagdishpur Presided over by Syed Kaseem Ashraf was of
the opinion that the Muslims all over India have been misguided by all the political groupings since independence. Though there are instances of demonstration of some degree of sincerity from the government side but the implementation part of the story is destroyed by the elements who are faking Muslim representation in political
circles and corridors of power.
AIUMB meet with consensus issued a statement that central Government and state government has handed over the Muslim affairs who do not represent Indian Muslims i.e. Sunni Sufi Muslims. Imposed leadership of Saudi guided Wahabis Muslims on the patriot Indian Muslims is already rejected by Indian Muslims and AIUMB had submitted memorandums to the governments. It is also been finalized that Muslim Mahapanchayat will held on 24th November 2013 in which lacs of Sunni Sufi Muslims are suppose to gather from adjacent areas along with hundred of Ulema and mashaikh from across the country.
The participants including Syed Hasan Miya, Jais, Shah Ammar Ahmad Ahmadi Nayyar Mia, Rudauli Sharif, observed that keeping the Sunni Sufi Muslims deprived of the benefits of social, political, religious and other schemes meant for Muslims of India, allowing interference of Saudi funded/ guided elements in Muslim affairs and
ignoring the true voice of the community are some of the burning issues that have occupied the attention of Ulama and Mashaikh for several decades and now the state of affairs have become so terrible that All India Ulama &Mashaikh Board has taken to the streets and protesting against the anti Muslim attitude of both the union and state governments in several parts of the country.
They were of the opinion that whenever state or union government comes with a welfare scheme or program for the community, they choose representatives from the community to seek support in representation, but in the case of Indian Muslims i.e. Sunni Sufi Muslims the representatives are thrust upon them from a group of persons owing loyalty to an alien extreme ideology guided and funded by them.
The Muslims gathered at Jagdishpur were of the view that this continuous unwise step of the government is providing strength to extreme forces. This is ruining peace, destroying tolerance and creating rift in the society. These elements working under the influence of a foreign extreme ideology are dragging the society towards
discord and even after being warned several times the government is not lending its ear to the saner voice of Indian Muslims.
National secretary of All India Ulama Mashaikh Board Syed Babar Ashraf also addressed.
He said that Indian Muslims are deprived of their rights. This is a big loss. It is weakening the country. Muslims are on slide on all levels. The composite culture ofIndia is stained .It is essential to take a two pronged strategy to save the culture of the nation and give the community its rightful share in national resources uninterrupted by petrodollars funded elements .
He protested against thrusting leadership of the undeserved upon the community. He suggested that these aforesaid foreign guided/dictated/funded elements must be systematically removed from all the places of power gabbed by them by faking Muslim representation in religious, political, cultural and educational space.
They must be stopped from grabbing endowed Muslim properties which are essentially Sufi assets and a mechanism should be devised to ensure that will of the endower is honored in all circumstances. Syed Babar Ashraf said that wahabis are in habit of panned control of Endowed Muslim properties, Hajj affairs, Judiciary (Fatwas) and media. The Saudi government under a plan is pumping lot of petro money into India to control Muslim affairs as
India is a proud secular country blessed to be home of second largest Muslim population in the world. Prominent person like Syed Qaseem Ashraf “Hasan Miya”, Abdul Moeed Azhari, Maulana Ishteyaq Ashrafi, Mufti Syed Wasim Ashraf, Farzan Warsi, Maulana Ishteyaq Qadri, Maulana Zubari Ahmad Khan, Qari Abdul Hayee
participated in this AIUMB meet.