RUSSIA Conference of Islamic Spiritual Unity Meet

18-21 Oct 2016- Moscow – Russia

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The Conference successfully gathered Islamic Spiritual Leaders from 20 countries including all provinces of Russian Federations .

AIUMB insisted on upholding the Spiritual Umbrella of Islamic Sufi traditions which serve as an antidote to any kind of extremism in the name of religion and sectarian conflicts within religion.

INDIA’s positive role in spreading and spear heading the Islamic Spiritual traditions of Sufi practices was acknowledged by all spiritual leaderships from 20 countries which insisted on INDIA can be the Spiritual leader for Islamic World keeping in view of INDIA being second largest Muslim populated country in the world with so strong Islamic Spiritual Traditions and Practices across INDAI from Kashmir to down South INDIA.

AIUMB has played a proactive role in leading INDIA’s spiritual traditions to the world. AIUMB Participation and Activities in global Islamic Conferences, Forums, and Summits must always be done on behalf of INDIA and INDIAN MUSLIMS.

World Forum on the approximation of schools of thought “Unity of Islam – the unity of the Muslims, founding dialogue” took place on October 19, 2016 in Moscow. Organized by the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of the Russian Federation (RF DUM), the World Assembly on the approximation of the Islamic schools of thought and the secretariat of the International Islamic Forum.

The urgency of the problems is not in doubt. The world, its calm, balanced state and safety than ever before are in direct relation to the understanding of the theory and practice of Islam. Troubles of the Islamic world that go beyond it, is proof. This so-called “Islamic State” (banned organization in the Russian Federation), and not a single presence in its battle formations of Russian citizens. Also, many other terrorist groups carried out their fanaticism, their justification and propaganda. Here slogans calling for the construction of a worldwide caliphate, and much like the other. Under this brings all sorts of “theory.” Armed with the banner of Islam, thus blasphemously violating his fundamental principles, the dark forces of selfish, sinister to pervert the essence of religion, put its misinterpretation as an ideological justification of their desire for power, for domination. It is necessary to overturn, to sweep away man-hating, cannibalistic pseudo arguments awaken in the hearts and souls of the Muslims lost the love of one’s neighbour, to kindness, to reason with them.

Mazhabs, with all their diversity have this ability, having adequate capacity. It is very significant to seek to ensure that the essence of their teachings into a rod understanding of Islam worldwide. In this regard, a lot of problems. They are solved. But there is a huge hard work. This situation is presented as a confrontation between humanity and barbarism, good and evil, along with the theological differences, the role and importance that this does not decrease.


Organizers with deep knowledge of the case properly reacted to the essence of the situation, which is increasingly understanding among the rank and file of the faithful Muslims, and a high international level.

In this process, it is important to mention the authority and the successful management of international activities DUM Russian Federation, which is the main generator and the organizer of the event. In particular, its role in the new rapprochement between Russia and Turkey, the aptly named Damir Muhetdinovym as “spiritual riot president.” The ongoing achievements are in a logical connection with the design courses, conducted DUM Russian Federation in respect of the Russian umma. An obvious landmark here became held in September 2014 in Moscow the next VI Congress of the Majlis-Spiritual Administration of Muslims of European Russia (Doumer), when the main Spiritual Administration of Muslims of the country has become the current abbreviation, it has been put forward and substantiated the idea of the organizational unity of the Muslims.

The forum was a continuation of harmonious and developed its initiative in the international arena. Rightly called a trunk line. It expanded the horizons for all the more active and fruitful activity within the Russian umma and the international level, where RF DUM deservedly ranked among the leaders of the Islamic world. Mufti Gaynutdin in the ranking of 500 most influential Muslims in 2017, including leading Muslim scholars, politicians, cultural and other fields of public life. In his speech, calling for unity of Muslims, he attaches great importance to that difference of opinion in the global ummah is not the cause of the conflict. In practice, therefore, he cautioned against dogmatism, noting that Islam has never suffered from the creativity, the knowledge of the essence of the core, and faith in the truth. The convergence of schools of thought, in his opinion, such a responsible understanding of what is happening and gives hope to the faithful see themselves as part of a single Ummah. Pluralistic interpretation of Islamic tradition, differences of opinion – in that their perception is the wealth of the Ummah. In his view, it argues Quranic humanism as a way to a unified spiritual basis of co-existence. His words received broad support in the subsequent presentations. In particular, a prominent Iranian scholar, taking an active part in the work of the International University “Al-Mustafa” – Hojjat al-Islam wal-Muslimeen Shamlu Ali Abbas, said that the dialogue is not a quarrel, not discord, dialogue – search for unity. Founder and president of the AIUMB  – Maulana Syed Mohammad Ashraf confirmed that the issue of conflict in the ideological aspect is a narrow interpretation of religion. Sir Iqbal Sacranie, the first secretary general of the Muslim Council of Britain, a board member of the World Islamic Economic Forum, said that in England, the problem of differences of opinion of the British Muslim Ummah has undesirable internal content. To neutralize need a single platform where global ideological problems worldwide ummah can not be reduced to a consumer unsuitability of certain groups of Muslims. And in light of this, in his opinion, the Forum is very actual. Speech by Russian Professor Ibrahim Tawfiq was imbued with the spirit of the name of the Forum. At the end of the discussion, the Forum participants unanimously signed a Memorandum of Understanding between the Russian Federation and the World of DUM forum for rapprochement of Islamic schools of thought. Thereby recognizing the leading role of the missionary DUM the Russian Federation on the unity of Muslims worldwide.

What is the main success of the forum? No, it would seem sensational bursts of high-profile revelations ideological opponents, overthrew them to complete rejection of the recent champions. But there are equally important, if not more. The unity of the healthy forces in Islam is gaining even greater potential in spite of extremism, terrorism and obscurantism else. Work on a firm footing and conducted systematically, uncompromisingly. Its members, while continuing efforts to expose their ideological opponents on the level of daily political struggle, much attention is paid to the underlying positive developments in the global Islamic community. The resolution of the Forum presented a set of conditions for deeper understanding of the commandments of the Qur’an and the Sunnah of the unity of Muslims and measures for their implementation.

The World Forum for proximity of schools of thought “the unity of Islam is the unity of the Muslims: grounds dialogue”

The World Forum for proximity of schools of thought “the unity of Islam is the unity of the Muslims: grounds of dialogue” took place on 19 October 2016 G. In Moscow. The organizers were made by the spiritual administration of the Muslims of the Russian Federation (dum RF), the world forum for proximity of Islamic schools of thought and the secretariat of the international Muslim forum.

The Relevance of issues there is no doubt. The World, his calm, the equilibrium condition and security as never before, are in direct dependence on the understanding of the theory and practice of Islam. Mutiny of the Islamic world, going well beyond it, the proof of that. This is the so-called “Islamic State” (a proscribed organisation in the Russian Federation), and not the presence of the singularity in its fighting forces of the citizens of Russia. Also, a lot of other terrorist groups, their zealotry, their justification and propaganda. Here the same slogans with appeals to build a world caliphate and much like another. It’s under the “Theory of all kinds”. armed with banner of Islam, it is a sacrilege in blatant violation of his fundamental principles, dark forces for selfish, evil purposes pervert the essence of the religion, raise her wrong interpretation as an ideological justification of their aspirations to power, TO DOMINATE. Bottoms up, need to wipe the hate, lyudoyedskiye pseudo arguments, to awaken in the hearts and souls of misguided Muslims love of neighbour, the kindness, talk some sense into them.


Theses  report on the forum for proximity of schools of thought “the unity of Islam is the unity of the Muslims: grounds dialogue”
– application of the criteria of the proposed al-Ghazali, gives as a result of the widest possible and plyuralistichnuyu model of Islam, which are integrated and the traditionalists (in the face of akhl al-Hadith), and mutakallimy and sufii, and Shia – all those groups, who recognize a prophetic mission Muhammad ṣly̱ ạllh ʿlyh wslm and his words, but I disagree on secondary issues relating to the interpretation of these words.
Such plyuralistichnoye understanding islam smirennom rests on the recognition of the limitations of the human mind to comprehend in the word of God. A man who thinks your interpretation or interpretation of its schools in the truth of last resort, almost equates himself to God. As for man, allowing for the possibility of different interpretations, recognizes the limited any understanding and, above all, of their own, so he is always open to new knowledge. This man is aware of the depth and neischerpayemostʹ the word of God, which is the great ibn Arabi and not without justification bezbrezhnym compared with the ocean. He leaves at the court of Allah, whose interpretation has proven to be correct. Human sustenance is to seek to understand, but a final judgement on the entirety of this understanding only God can handle.

Theses  report on the forum for proximity of schools of thought “the unity of Islam is the unity of the Muslims: grounds dialogue”
– convergence of schools of thought means not bringing them together in some kind of a new madhhab, not abolishment of schools of thought, but, above all, the awareness of yourself as a part of a single Ummah. It’s spiritual, strategic, Social Association, but it is the recognition of our diversity as a manifestation of the grace of the almighty.
– spiritual and social unity of Muslims should be based on the understanding plyuralistichnom Islamic tradition, which suggests the inclusion in the field of Islam, a variety of currents. It should also be based on a clear awareness of the differences between the pillars of faith (Islamic Monotheism, the mission of Muhammad ṣly̱ ạllh ʿlyh wslm and the day of resurrection) and secondary problems. If in the area of the basics, we must remain United, on secondary issues our disagreement is the wealth of the Ummah. I guess the convergence of schools of thought should happen with the support of these fundamental principles.

Theses report on the forum for proximity of schools of thought “the unity of Islam is the unity of the Muslims: grounds dialogue”
– the text of the holy Quran literally leaking, is laced with the theme of unity and solidarity of Muslims.
– identity of Islam lies in the fact that it’s internally plyuralistichnaya theological tradition. Islam permits the disagreement on many issues. External Diversity does not contradict the spiritual unity.
– Russian Muslim theologian Moses bigiyev really have a point: ” Islam has never endured the loss from the differences. All the troubles that struck him, descended from the appeals to the reunification of the believers in one mazkhaba and uniformity in thinking ”
– and with some mutakallimami asharitskoy school, Al-Ghazali detail to substantiate an alternative ekslyuzivistskomu understanding pravoveriya, characteristic for them; according to this plural alternative, regarded as a Muslim should be everyone who recognizes the case with the mission of Muhammad ṣly̱ ạllh ʿlyh wslm and the inevitability of the onset of the day of judgment. On these fundamental principles of the nation (Usul Al-Akida) there can be no disagreement, while the controversy, the ongoing on secondary (the big rig ‘) issues must not be a basis for charges in a state of disbelief. With Al-Ghazali emphasizes that the recognition of the prophetic mission of Muhammad ṣly̱ ạllh ʿlyh wslm implies faith in the truth of all, he said, and believe in the truth, that is, to recognize the reality of the above reasons, can be in different ways, depending on the level of interpretation (TA ‘ Coerver). The differences between schools is the differences in the interpretatsiyakh, not a distinction on the basis of the correct denomination / heresy. Therefore, the condition of belonging to Islam is not a belief in the approval asharitov, maturiditov communion, Sufi, etc., do not taqlid some medieval bogoslovu, and faith in the truth of the words of the Prophet (peace be upon him).

Seminar: “Sufism and Humanity” in Lucknow:4th December

4th December,Lucknow

The All India Ulama & Mashaikh Board, the apex body of the Sufi Sunni Muslims in India, held a national seminar:  “Sufism and Humanity”on 4th December in Vishweshvaraiyah Auditorium in Lucknow.

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Sufi Sunni ulema and intellectuals with various backgrounds spelled-out their opinions on the current ongoings. Several Indian Sufi clerics, who run some of the largest Sunni Islamic seminaries in India, seemed worried about the growing phenomenon of pseudo-Sufism or “neo-Sufism” dressed in diametrically different political forms.


The national seminar on Sufism was held in the wake of the recently organised 33rd annual conference of the Jamat Ulama-e-Hind in the largest Sufi shrine in the country, Ajmer Dargah — perhaps for the first time in the Indian history. AIUMB averred that the Ajmer Dargah was dragged into a well-worked-out political campaign by Jamiat-Ulama-i-Hind (JUH), an avowed supporter of the Congress party. The key members of the JUH whose ideologues have clearly and categorically declared Sufism as “anti-Islamic”, chose to hold their 33rd annual conference in the prime Sufi Dargah in India, Ajmer Sharif in Rajasthan. “It was an out-and-out political attempt to woo the mainstream Indian Muslims anchored in age-old Sufi traditions”, said the various participants and speakers at the Sufi seminar in Lucknow.


It is noteworthy that the JUH had castigated the Sufi practitioners as “pseudo-Sufis” in the past. Therefore, the Sufi Ulema asked as to “how would the JUH like to brand itself now when it has held its 33rd largest annual conference in Ajmer using the prime Sufi shrine in India for its own political ends”?


The Lucknow Sufi seminar’s key participants — 30-40 Khankaah’s representatives present, 200 Ulema’s Attended and in total the auditorium was filled with 1000 person .They exhibited great zeal in strengthening the foundations of Sufism to combat all the forms of violent extremism. 15 Selected Papers were presented by Sufi Scholars.It was widely covered in the Newspapers,Specially Urdu. Few Papers gave special 4 pages in all the editions of there Newspapers.


Remarkably, while the Lucknow Sufi seminar stressed on composite nationalism (muttahida qaumiyat), inclusive democracy (jumhuriat) and pluralism (qaumi yakjehati) in its final-day declaration, the annual conclave of the JUH in Ajmer promoted the religionist and sectarian narratives.


Hazrat Maulana Syed Mohammad Ashraf, founder and president of AIUMB inaugurated the seminar and spoke at length about the misdeeds of Wahhabi/ Salafi elements that are tormenting social fabric in the country and  creating an atmosphere of  confrontation.

He also said that  AIUMB has succeeded in exposing all the Wahhabi/ Salafi elements in India and to such an extent that they are now in the process of recreating their  new identity card. He said that all of a sudden  in a long history of 100 years , Jamiate Ulema e Hind has woken up to claim Hanafi and Chishty tag to save its  reputation which has well been tainted by thier  proclaimations, practices and  presentations.

The books written by Wahhabis in these 10 decades bear testimony of their adherance to wahhaabi ideology and  their strong will to propagate the ideology through speeches, books , curriculum and teaching  and preaching.

Now they are at a loss to remain attached with the tag and want to misguide the people and the government by claiming  to be Sufis. Hazrat Khawaja Moinuddin Chishty was under attack for 100 years and now the great saint of all times has gathered the attention and respect of all those that took pride in hurting Dargah culture for decades.

The seminar was  organised at Vishweshwaraiah auditorium and was well attended function. people from all shades of life and far flung areas  from different parts of country came to attend the seminar. A memorandum was also shared with the administration on the same.

It was also stressed in the Lucknow conclave that Sufism belies all the notions which Salafism stands for. Traversing from Central Asia to the Indian subcontinent, Sufism incorporates harmonious local practices like music and qawwali which are rejected by the radicals in Islam.

Not long ago, in March 2016, World Sufi Forum was slated as the first-ever mega Sufi event of counter-extremism with more than 200 international dignitaries from 20 countries. Though seen as the first and last event as such, it, however, seems to have begun an unending onslaught on the particular ideology which the Sufi forum believes is a grave threat to the country’s pluralistic ethos.


Muslim Mahapanchayat, Moradabad,UP,16th Oct 2011


Pakbada Muslim Maha Panchayet in Distt of Moradabad started with a speech of the then President of All India Ulama & Mashaikh Board Syed Mahmood Ashraf who welcomed the participants and said that we have reached here to claim our rights. We are not in confrontation with anyone. This Muslim Maha Panchayet is supposed to convey to the rulers that we are practitioners of love and humanity. We are not practicing double speak. They do this in India they claim they are Sunnis and as they reach Saudi they take pride in claiming to be Wahhabis. They have mastered the art of faking Muslim representation. India boasts of second largest Muslim population of the world and out of this 80% Muslims are Sunnis. Even after 62 years of independence Indian Muslims are deprived of their rights and representation.


They grabbed all the institutions that were historically Sunni Sufi places. Even Khanqahs and Aastanas are being governed by them while they do not sub scribe the basic practices of reverence and veneration.  The Muslims who came to India  can be distinguished in two simple groups. One came for political reasons, power and governance and other group came with the message of love and affection. Khawaja Moinuddin Chishti represents the spiritual side of the new comers and he injected love and compassion, humanity and coexistence in the society.  We are followers of Khawaja Ajmeri R.A. he preached non violence and human compassion. A time came when we lost everything to the followers of an extreme ideology.


The reasons are easier to be assessed. As long as the religious and political both the leaderships were with Khanqahs and Dargahs and Aastanas we were in better frame. Now they say religion has nothing to do with politics. This is a conspiracy to deprive Muslims from their legitimate leadership and grab their representation. He described the times and tenure of Muslim Caliphs   including Abu Bakar Siddique and Sahaba kings  to bring home the point that political and religious leadership was instrumental in securing rights to the community.


Maulana Syed Mahmood Ashraf also dwelt on knowledge and education and went on to say that Muslims in India have gone down in education besides other fields to such a level that according to Sachhar Commission Report they are by now worse than Dalits. He appealed that everybody must ensure that he might live half fed but will not ignore education to his child. He also insisted on unity and non violence. He said that every Sunni Muslim must follow the path of peace, non violence , Humanity and social welfare. He also said that anyone can see the culture of Khanqahs, Aastanas and Dargahs which represent the composite culture of India.


Ashraf e Millat Syed Mohammad Ashraf Ashrafi Al Jilani (the then General Secretary of AIUMB) started his speech with conviction to the constitution of India which guaranties equality, Individual freedom and opportunities for all. We cannot change the past but get lessons from it. We must acknowledge that equality, Justice and generosity are among the basic teachings of Islam. There are few peoples who misuse religion for their personal gains but any of such acts is always identified as wrong. There are some other peoples who lose everything to gain strength for the religion Khwaja Gharib Nawaz, Ghausul Alam Syed Makhdoom Ashraf Jahangir Simnani or some of them who will be remembered for their contribution to the humanity. Khanqahs have very delicate responsibilities to deliver. Khanqahs, Aastanas and Dargahs throughout India have observed that during these four decades materialism has grown much to ignore spiritualism. Khanqahs are no made to support materialism. They are not responsible to provide basic necessities of their disciples. In this background now Khanqahs have decided to take a stand in favour of supporting the disciples in all possible ways. All India Ulama & Mashaikh Board is a step towards this. Now we can do it in an organized way. As Indian Muslims we have our rights that are being deny to us. This Muslim Maha Panchayat has been organized to demonstrate that Muslims in India are facing injustice. He questioned why Wahhabis are given responsibilities to man and manage Khanqahs, Aastanas and Dargahs while they do not adhere to the practice. He said that the unity defined by Wahhabis is to remain silent in face of all aggressions and grabbings while AIUMB is committed to seek justice. He registered his strong protest against Waqf Board and placing of Wahhabis as receivers and administrators of Dargahs. He specially mentioned Aastana of Alauddin Sabir Kalyari which has been placed under a Wahhabi receiver through Waqf Board. Having a different belief system no Wahhabi should take the position of an administrator of any Dargah. As soon as this position is disputed the Wahhabis say we are destroying the unity should I say unity through the eyes of a Wahhabi is no less than silent submission. He also questioned the silence of Wahhabis on their identity.


He said a Shia never hesitates to declare he is a Shia. The same way a Sunni takes pride in calling himself a Sunni but a Wahhabi can never muster courage to declare that he is Wahhabi. He take refuge in Sunni Camp. Hazrat Maulana Syed Mohammad Ashraf Kichhowchhawi declare Wahhabiyon ki na Imamat Qabool hai Na Qyadat Qabool hai. He said that Allama Fazl e Haque Khairabadi and a scholar Maulana Kifayat Husain Kafi of Moradabad and other freedom fighters have been relegated into background. We fought for the freedom and in free India we got only assurances. Political Parties are playing the same game election after election. He said that through this Muslim Maha Panchayat we declare that we will go for the party that takes care of Indian Muslims. We no more need programmes we need implementation.


Hazrat Syed Mohammad Mehdi Miyan Sahib Chishty (Gaddi Nashin of Dargah Hazrat Khwaja Moinuddin Chishty Rahmatullah Alyh) endorsed Syed Mohammad Ashraf and say that Sufi culture came to India more than 850 years ago and it was introduce by Khwaja Gharib Nawaz. His message of love and peace brought Lacs and Lacs of peoples into the fold of peace and tolerance. He appealed the participants to support AIUMB and make its strides a success. The demands put forward by the Board are worthy to be accepted. He said that management of Waqf properties are duly to be done according to the wishes of endower. It is a complete religious affair. No one is allowed to trample the will of the endower.


Hazrat Syed Zafar Masood Sahib Kichhowchhawi, In his speech, said that general secretary of AIUMB   briefed you of the memorandum that is being sent to the government of India. You have endorsed the demands. I will like to tell a few word on Muslim reservation. He also said that Indian Muslims have been deprived of their rights in last 63 years. We have been targeted by communal violence. Islam is the religion of peace. We believed in peace and coexistence. We protest religious ban on article 341 of our constitution. We will keep fighting for lifting religious ban from article 341.

First Asia-Pacific Countries Muslim Religious Leaders’ Summit in Turkey


By Ghulam Rasool Dehlvi

October 17, 2015


In the wake of rising Islamophobia, terror attacks and wars in Muslim countries, the Presidency of Religious Affairs of Turkey has come to the fore to exert effective efforts for global Muslim solidarity. During the last few years, it has organized several events bringing together Muslim clerics from around the world including a summit of Eurasian Muslims, the African Countries Religious Leaders Summit, a convention of European Muslims, a meeting of clerics from Balkan countries and a summit of religious leaders in Latin American and Caribbean countries. In a continued effort to uphold its noble cause, it has been bringing together top Islamic scholars promoting unity among Muslims in the face of violence stemming from sectarian strife and other internal struggles in Muslim countries.


In its continued effort to reaffirm the global Muslim unity, the Presidency of Religious Affairs of Turkey (D?B) in association with Directorate General of Foreign Affairs and Department of Muslim Countries & Communities organised First Asia & Pacific Countries Muslim Religious Leaders’ Summit. This 4-day international event brought together Muslim clerics from Asian and Pacific countries in Istanbul. Aimed at establishing global unity among Muslims, this event started on October 12, 2015, and lasted today after Friday prayer (called “Cuma Prayer” in Turkish language) in Sultan Ahmed Mosque (Blue Mosque). Thus, the summit will go down in history as the latest bid by the state-run organisation to enhance universal brotherhood and fraternity of Muslims the world over.


The summit was mainly titled, “Unity in Multiplicity: Rethinking Hikmah (Wisdom) and Peace Together”. Nearly 125 religious leaders from 37 countries, from Afghanistan to Australia and to tiny Pacific nations participated and presented their views and papers in this summit. However, there were numerous sub-titles and other broader themes on which the participants expressed their views and presented their papers. Some crucial topics among them were:

• Muslims at Regional Level: Challenges, Solution Suggestions and The Possibility of Cooperation

• The Challenges with the Religious Education and Services in Islamic Institutions, Solution Suggestions and The Possibility of Cooperation

• The New Movements of Thought in Islamic World and Their Adverse Effects on Muslim Nations in Asian-Pacific Countries

• Common Challenges Facing Muslim Minorities and the Future of Islamic World

First Asia-Pacific Countries Muslim Religious Leaders' Summit in Turkey - A Welcome Effort 1Besides, there were subsequent sessions for general presentation of representatives of different Muslim countries. Mehmet Görmez, the head of the D?B and chairman of the Peace and Moderation Permanent Contact Group in Turkey spoke at the very outset. He stated: “the summit was aimed to re-establish religious, historical and cultural ties between Muslim countries and communities in Asian and Pacific countries and Turkey”. He further said, “We are here to exchange knowledge with brothers we haven’t met for decades. The summit does not aim to impose any thoughts on Muslim communities or take problems from other parts of the Islamic world to those regions”. “This is a meeting to discuss cooperation opportunities after a long period of inaction. We are meeting to exchange experiences on providing religious services addressing our age’s needs”, said Mr. Görmez.

Mr. Görmez also highlighted the “struggle within the Islamic world” and called on all Asia Pacific Muslims to help their Muslim brothers in the Middle East and Balkans. “All Muslims are equal. No one is superior to the other regardless of geography, language, ethnicity and wealth,” he said. He also warned that when people lose wisdom, peace disappears along with it as well.

Among participants of this international Muslim religious summit were Muslim clerics, Imams, Sufi scholars and officials from several Asia Pacific countries, including Afghanistan, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh. A number of eminent Islamic scholars from India and Pakistan also addressed the international Muslim gathering.


Speaking in this event, Delhi-based apex body of Indian Sunni Muslims, All India Ulama and Mashaikh Board’s Founder-President Maulana Syed Mohammad Ashraf Kichauchawi said: “Asia-Pacific countries, where most of the world’s Muslims live, are today an appropriate place to examine Islamic Movements’ status and direction. Across the region, religious and political dynamics are highlighting the possible future role of Islam.”

He further said that “Islam in Asia-Pacific countries is a legacy of Sufi saints who disseminated their pluralistic messages at a time when the idea of religious tolerance was not even debated in a large part of Western Europe. They laid greater emphasis on the broader Qur’anic notion of wasatiyyah (moderation in life) maintaining a moderate narrative of Islam which exhorts man not to transgress the limits determined by God”, he said.

Maulana Syed Mohammad Ashraf Kichauchawi

Syed Mohammad Ashraf Kichauchawi also said that “at a time when the extremism has penetrate the Asia-pacific countries in different forms, Sufi Ulama, Mashaikh, Imams and muftis from Morocco to India to Bosnia to Chechnya to Pakistan to UAE to war-torn Syria –including Shia community, have come out to tackle the onslaught of religious extremism”. “So far, Sufi Islamic scholars and clerics and their organisations have held back the tide of extremism and radicalism”, he said.

Syed Mohammad Ashraf strongly condemned all groups who are perpetrating terrorist acts in the name of Islam. “Terror is terror, it has no relation to any religion, and it is a grave threat to all humanity,” he said. He also condemned the last terror act in Turkey. “No matter which religion it comes from, we condemn such terror incidents, he said. He hoped that the summit would help rebuild deep cultural and historical relations and values between Muslim countries.

During their speeches, Afghanistan Hajj Minister Feyz Mohammad Osmani and Indonesia’s Religious Affairs Minister Lukman Hakim Saifuddin offered their condolences to Ankara victims, who were killed in the twin bombings Saturday, which left at least 97 people dead.

Audience, First Asia-Pacific Countries Muslim Religious Leaders' Summit in Turkey - A Welcome EffortAbout the challenges facing Islamic countries today, Saifuddin highlighted the role that education could play in confronting the challenges, adding that through education “we will be able to find solutions to the crucial problems that the Islamic countries have faced in the last several decades”.

Bangladeshi Minister for Religious Affairs Matior Rahman, head of Islamic Association of China Hilaluddin Chang Guangyang, Malaysia’s Religious Adviser to the Prime Minister Abdullah Bin Muhammad Zin, and Minister of Muslim Religious Affairs of Sri Lanka Mohamed Hashim Abdul Haleem also delivered speeches at the summit. Governor of Istanbul Vasip Sahin and Istanbul Mayor Kadir Topbas were also present at the summit. Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Numan Kurtulmus also spoke at the summit about the paramount significance of justice, freedom, and responsibility in Muslim countries.

According to the Turkish officials and organisers, the event was solely aimed at recognising Muslims in Asian and Pacific countries, exchanging ideas on problems of the Islamic world and discussing solutions, re-establishing historical ties with Muslim countries and communities in the Asia-Pacific region and discussing opportunities for cooperation in religious education and services. The summit also dealt with the effects of new mindsets in the Muslim world on the Asia-Pacific Muslim communities, the future of the Muslim world and Islamophobia.

Sunni Conference,Bhagalpur,Bihar, 16th May, 2010

In a series of high pitch mass contact program of the president of All India Ulama Mashaikh Board Syed Mohammad Ashraf Kichchawchchvi addressed several Sunni conferences that witnessed lacks of Sunni Sufis in gatherings.

101_0140_1 101_0138 101_0136  101_0133

Situated in the Sufi heartland of Bihar Bhagalpur is a town known as Mazarat ka shahr, and this nick name speaks a lot about the Sufi culture of the city. This came into reckoning on 16th May 2010 when AIUMB organized Sunni conference and people came to attend in a very number. It is said Bhagalpur has never earlier seen this kind of crowd. An estimate says it was beyond 4 lacks. Huzoor Asharaf e Millat led the congregation with his known anti extremist stand and in his speech he dwelt on all the issues that concern humanity i.e. universal Love, global peace, human compassion and cp existence.


Maulana Nooruddin Asdaq  from Khanqah e Asdaqia , Maulana Syed Mahmood Jami from Khanqah e Shahbazia, Bhagalpur, Syed Noorani MiaN Saheb Qibla from Kichchawchcha Sharif, Syed Jalaluddin Qadri, Qaed e Millat Syed Mahmood Ashraf Al jilani  were the main speakers.

Maulana Asdaq pledged the unconditional support to AIUMB from his own Khanqah and other under it. He showered praise on those lacks of Sunni Muslims who came to attend the conference in heat of the summer in May. He gave an indication that AIUMB might take politics as a means to serve the SUNNI Muslims and if it happens, all present there will give their unconditional support. He said that the belief system of a Sunni Sufi Muslim never allows him to drift away from the path of truth.


Syed Noorani MiaN said that we are here to claim our representation that has been hijacked by those who do not believe in basics. All the Khanqahs, Dargahs and Aastanas are icons of humanity and Muslims in India should be identified with Khawaja Gharib Nawaz the spiritual icon not Zaheeruddin Babar the political founder of Mughal dynasty. He said that Sunni Sufi Muslims will not allow any body to grab their property in any garb.

Syed Jalaluddin Qadri Mian endorsed the claim of that Sunni UFI Muslims are more than 80 p.c in Indian Muslim population. He mentioned the contributions of Ahmad Ashraf in keeping the Sufi character of Bhagalpur intact in101_0135 face of aggression from Wahhabis. He noted that there are people who are grabbing the rights of Muslims by faking their representation. No one will be allowed to snatch our rights, destroy our practices and interfere in shariat. He highlighted some grabbing exercises in Kanpur, Jaipur, and Mumbai etc. He was much vocal against Wahhabis in his speech and extorted all present there to isolate them because they are managing to enter their ranks in garb of Sufis. Jalaluddin Qadri Mian spoke about Jaloos e Mohammadi and said wherever it is political necessity of Wahhabis they lead this procession to celebrate birth of Prophet PBUH and on other places they declare this birthday celebration has no religious sanction. This double speaks need to be exposed. He said we tried to convince the powers through our men but they all were hijacked so now Ulama and Mashaikh have decided to personally take up the fight for their laws, lands and practices.

The then president of the board Syed Mahmood Ashraf thanked all who had come to attend the conference from 101_0153several areas of west Bihar. He said the Indian Muslims owes to Khawaja Gharib Nawaz. He has not been settled in India by any Najdi. He said the relations of Muslims with India are as old as from the time of 4th Caliph Hazrat e Usman Ghani. He dwelt on misrepresentation or underrepresentation of Sunni Muslims in Muslim bodies and government bodies requiring mandatory Muslim representation. Mahmood Ashraf elaborated that Waqf Boards, Hajj Committees, Maulana Azad Education Foundation, Council for promotion of Urdu language and all such organizations were hijacked by Wahhabis .The share of Wahhabis in Indian Muslim population is 13 p.c. and yet they are allowed to decide the fates of genuine 80 p.c Sufi Muslims. He demanded this must stop. Sufi Sunni Muslims must be given their share in manning and managing the Muslim affairs.

He said AIUMB has no problem with the Wahhabis. They are equal citizens of the country. The problem lies in their agenda of faking Muslim representation. They have managed to gain access to the rulers by faking our representation. They have been able to distort the truth that Waqf properties are historically all Sufi Assets and they must be manned and managed by those who believe in the basics of endowment.

Sunni Conference,Moradabad,UP, January 3, 2010

All India Ulama Mashaikh Board has constantly been educating both the masses and the rulers about the impending dangers to the social fabric and national security of the country by the hands of an ideology led and fed by Gulf oil money.


Moradabad Sunni Conference was a land mark in this tirade which saw a very big crowd in heartland of Uttar Pradesh coming to register their presence in favor of the demands put forward by All India Ulama Mashaikh Board , an apex body of Sunni Sufi Muslims and has been striving to make the government, political class, administration and bureaucracy realize that after independence the representation has been hijacked  by Wahhabis who are hardly 13 p.c in Indian Muslim Population , hence they are not entitled to man and manage Sufi Muslim affairs.


This important sunni conference was attended by several lack Sufi Sunni muslims and was addressed by renowned sufi clerics and Mashaikh such as Mufti Attub, Maulana Mohammad Ahmad Naimee, Hazrat Hashim Ashrafi Kanpuri,Syed Mahmood Ashraf [ the then president of AIUMB]Hazrat Syed Zafar Mahmood, Hazrat Allama Tauqeer Raza sb Bareli, Ashrafe Millat Syed Mohammad Ashraf.

Hazrat Maulana Sted Mohammad Ashraf [then General Secretary] said that it is true that Sufi Muslims ie, followers of Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaet are 80 percent in Muslim population of India and Wahhabis have managed to grow up17 to 13p.c. Being in such a micro minority they have succeeded in grabbing Muslim representation everywhere. This conference wants to make it clear before the centre and the state that they have been misguided in believing that Indian Muslims are diversified in two ideologies Sunni and Sunni, the truth must be recorded that there is another third ideology Wahhabism. Wahhabis approach the state and central governments as Sunnis and we have nothing to do with them. They do not represent us. Even this denial is not new. We go back in the past to see Maulana Fazl al Haque Khairabadi to declare that Wahhabis donot represent Sunnis. When the government of the day failed to give credence to yhis demand Bareilly took lead in making the announcement that Wahhabis are not representatives of Sunnis. And the whole lot of Sunnis came to lend their support to Imam Ahmad Raza Khan of Bareilly. Imam Ahmad Raza Khan said that we  do not accept Wahhabis in leading our prayers. Here comes the point to be noted by state and central regimes that if Sunni muslin refuses to attend prayers led by a Wahhabi, how can he support a Wahhabi in any other affair.

Hazrat Maulana Syed Mohammad Ashraf was supported by several lack Muslims in this conference. And there he coined the most powerful slogan of the Board “Wahhabion ki Na Imamat Qabool hai Na Qayadat qabool hai”.


The other speakers including Mashaikh and clerics also spoke on the same theme.

Mufti Ayyub of Moradabad Quoted from Quran and Hadith to bring his point home that Islam is a religion of peace and it insists on mercy to all.

Maulana Mohammad Ahmad Naimee said that holy book Quran forbids needless bloodshed. Saying a life is equaled with saving humanity. He insisted on practicing humanity, mercy and love.

Maulana Hashim Ashrafi Kanpuri referred to the severe cold of the day and said that the intensity of the weather also could not stop these lackhs of people to reach here on the call of AIUMB. He said that it has been established that Sunni Sufi Muslims are 80 pc in Indian Muslims population and through this it gets established that mosques, Eid Gahs , Tombs, monuments and historical sites all are at least 80 pc our assets. This conference is attended by Sunnis of   Madhya Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, Kashmir, Uttra Khand, Chattis Gadh, Delhi and Maharashtra besides UP.  They have all come with local complaints to say that their mosques and even Mazarat have been grabbed by Wahhabis though they do not believe in reverence and veneration. This mosque and monuments grabbing exercise is being denounced here. He named Hajj Committees and Waqf Boards where Sunni representation has been hijacked by Wahhabis. He also discussed unemployment, lack of education facilities growth of terror. He said no terrorist can be adherent of Islam. He said to stop terror from taking route in Indian Muslim society it is essential to attach them with Khanqahs, Aastanas and Dargahs.

This conference also placed a demand to declare 6th Rajab al Morajjab  a holiday to pay respect to Khawaja Gharib Nawaz.

Next came Syed Mahmood Ashraf, [the then president of AIUMB] thanked the gathering for this great show. He 2said we are not against anyone. We just want to secure our just rights .He dwelt upon the services of Sufi clerics in freedom movement and said that all those clerics, Mashaikh, teachers, intellectuals went back to their area of service to serve humanity after independence and the Wahhabis came into action to grab muslin bodies and other institution by faking our representation. They are only 13 pc in Indian Muslim population but are in a position to decide on our behalf. The Wahhabis took control of all Muslim affairs and thus led the community in this bad shape which has been described in Sachchar report as worse than Dalits. Everywhere in Hajj Committee or Minority Commission, Urdu Academy or Maulana Azad Education Foundation our representation is nil. He demanded the management of Sunni Waqf Boards be handed over to Sunni Sufi Muslims the true successors of the elders. He also insisted on peace and Mercy.

Another speaker Syed Zafar Masood said that the management of Aastanas and Khanqahs and Sunni mosques shall not be allowed to remain in the hands of those who basically do not belong to the basics of veneration and reverence. They simply don’t deserve to remain there. He gave a brief introduction of AIOUMB and also elaborated its program. Syed Zafar Masood supported the government proposal of creating central Madrasa Board and pleaded with every one present there to gather more and more support for this legislation in the community

Protest on Jantar Mantar. New delhi 14 Jan 2013

New Delhi 14 January 2013

In a clear message to the Government of Saudi Arabia, a big section of Indian Muslims today demanded here that the Saudi regime must sign a treaty with all the governments of the world and assure in clear terms that no damage will be done to the cultural heritage of Muslims and sacred signs of Islam in the Saudi kingdom.

This was communicated in a memorandum to the Embassy of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia after a peace march at Jantar Mantar which was addressed by Maulana Syed Mohammad Ashraf Kichhouchhwi General Secretary of the All India Ulema and Mashaikh Board and others.


The participants of the rally had come from various parts of the country with banners and placards saying among other things ‘’Indian Muslim will not allow Talibanization of India.”

Maulana Syed Mohammad Ashraf Kichhouchhwi in his speech dealt at length with the activities of Saudi authorities. The behavior with the Indian pilgrims was specially mentioned by Maulana Kichochvi who said that Saudi authorities force Indian hajis to practice Wahabism and stop the p pilgrims from performing rituals according to their practices. In cases even when offering ‘’Salaam’’ to the Prophet is carried out silently with a view to avoid offending the rulers, the authorities come down heavily.


He said in some cases Indian pilgrims are arrested and humiliated and the Indian officers sent to take care of the pilgrims lend no support to their fellow citizens and willfully allow the Saudis to play their game fearlessly.

He said while in case of other nationalities their hajj officers and staff of embassy or consulate put up resistance and ensures their safety and dignity but this is not the case with Indian officers.

Maulana Mohammad Ashraf Kichhouchhwi also demanded that all the bulldozed cultural monuments and signs of Islam including Jannatul Baqee and Jannatul Moalla must be restored and developed and decorated accordingly.


The gathering was also of the view that Indian officers sent to Saudi Arabia during Hajj are selected on the basis of their ideology and Wahabis are given charge of the Hajj affairs who have till now demonstrated that they are better suited to serve Saudi/Wahabi interests not the interests of Indian pilgrims.

Maulan Kichhouchhwi also said that Saudi/Wahabi influences can be easily seen in the government bodies of India requiring Muslim representation. Almost all such selections are done on the basis of ideology and Wahabis are chosen to represent Indian Muslim ignoring the very vast majority [almost 80 %].The Waqf boards and waqf council and Hajj committees are by now transformed as the centers of propagation of Wahabism through government machinery.


He said demolition of Ghausia Masjid in Delhi is not an isolated incident it is well connected with the developments taking place in Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India and of course in Saudi Arabia which is leading them ruining the cultural heritage of Islam every where.

In all the above mentioned countries tombs of Sunni Sufi saints and Godly Muslims are being targeted because they happen to be centers of propagation of peace and amity and tolerance in the human race much above individual faiths while Saudi Wahabi ideology refuses to concede tolerance and peace its real virtue.

Ulama & Mashaikh who have expressed their anguish over this sorry state of affairs include:

Hazrat Maulana Syed Mehdi Miya Chishti, Gaddi Nashin Ajmer Sharif (Raj.)

Hazrat Maulana Syed Alamgir Ashraf, Nagpur (Maharashtra)

Hazrat Syed Jawed Naqshbandi, Delhi

Hazrat Farid Nizam, Dargah Hazrat Nizamuddin Aulia, Delhi)

Hazrat Maulana Nooruddin Asdaq, Nalanda, Bihar Sharif

Hazrat Mujiburrahman Urf Bablu Mia, Mainpuri (U.P.)

Maulana Mohammad Noorani, Sri Nagar (Jammu & Kashmir)

Haji Yunus Solanki, Vadodra (Gujrat)

Maulana Farooq Razvi, Ludhiyana (Punjab)

Syed Hammad Ashraf, Lucknow (U.P.)

Hayatunnabi Khan, Sajjada Nashin Dargah Hafiz Sb. Moradabad

Syed Ali Naim Chishti, Sajjada Nashin, Dargah Sultan Mia Sb. Moradabad

Hafiz Iftikhar Husain Sabir, Sajjada Nashin, Dargah Pahalwan Sb. Lajpat Nagar, Moradbad

Syed Shibli Mia, Sajjada Nashin, Dargah Shah Mukammal Sb., Eidgah, Moradabad

Sunni Conference Jagdishpur,Amethi,15 Dec 2013


In a congregation of approximately 2  lakh Indians (mostly Sunni Sufi Muslims and Hindus alike) gathered at Wadi -e-Ashraf close to Sindurwa Road in Jagdishpur of District Amethi in UP which endorsed resolutions against Saudi /Qatar Led Wahabi/Salafi aggression in India.

A notable feature was unity of Mashaikh of different clans and clerics and imams who have never ealier shared a platform against wahabism in such a big way. The other more significant event was the presentation of two awards

  1. To Ajmal Sultanpuri , a renowned and highly acclaimed sunni Sufi poet. He is indeed known for his Naut-e-pak (a genre of Urdu poetry dedicated to the prophet PBUH). He was darling of millions of Sunni Muslims who would love to hear him. Once some four decades ago he was brutally attacked by Wahabi antisocials and criminals who tried to cut both of his lips so that he is not able to present his compositions in jlasa e milad a common affairs in Muslims every where.But he kept his work on despite a deformity on his lips. He has been awarded Hassan bin Sabit Award a great being in letters and literature. Award to Ajmal Sultan puri brightened the Wahabi brutality in the living memory of the Indian community. As interpreted in the intellectual circles this was a great decision to bestow an award to janab e Ajmal.
  2. The second award was presented to the Raja of Mahona Estate Choudhry Ahmad Hossain. He thankfully received the Abu Ayyub Ansari Award. The significance of this award need not to be discussed because his court was center was of all the activities in the area for some more than two months.


In this backdrop a review of the happenings during Jagdishpur Sunni conference needs to be seen as a prominent land mark in the Sunni movement spearheaded by All India Ulama & Mashaikh Board (AIUMB).

All the speakers openly condemned and countered wahabism / Salafism.

Hazrat Maulana Syed Mehdi Mian Moini Chishi, Chief Patron AIUMB & Gaddi Nashin Dargah Ajmer Sharif in his speech justified the mission of the board and in a scholarly address he summed up lot of activities undertaken by the board.

As usual most vocal was President Hazrat Maulana Syed Mohammad Ashraf kichchauchwi

It needs a special mention that on the eve of 15th December Jagdishpur Conference the core committee of AIUMB met at headquarter of Mahona estate i.e. the residence of Raja Hussain Ahmad and it was decided that the seat lying vacant after the resignation of Hazrat Maulana Mahmood Ashraf, elevated to the position of National President be filled with the present General Secretary (G.S) Hazrat Maulana Syed Mohammad Ashraf Kichachauchwi. Syed Babar Ashraf (Who is expelled from AIUMB recently) was promoted to the post of G.S and Syed Hasan Jamee was brought in to replace him from the post of National Secretary (NS)

President Hazrat Maulana Syed Mohammad Ashraf Kichchauchwi launched, in his speech a frontal attack on the Wahabi /Salafi individuals and institutions who are at work to make Indian Muslims intolerant and tyrant. The main speaker, fondly called Ashraf –e- Millat, said that it is easier to claim possession and occupy Sufi waqf properties and mosques. He clearly said getting a Wahabi appointed in waqf board helps in obtaining a valid license of grabbing mosques. He asked the participants whether they want to know the name of the person. The app two lakh crowds at the ground answered in affirmation. He named the Wahabi cleric behind loot of waqf assets and grabbing of Sunni mosques in Uttar Pradesh.



The crowd reacted. Ashraf e Millat Zindabad slogan was heard from every nook and corner of the ground situated at Utalwa, BHEL, sindurwa road, and open from four sides and giving access to every body who wanted to reach.

The president of AIUMB has declared that it is a must to stop wahabism /salafism before it becomes more  dangerous that it is seen today. The crowd was glad to lend its full support . Hazrat Maulana Syed Mohammad Ashraf Kichachauchwi said that the world thinks Muslims follow only two ideologies Sunni and Shia. While the truth is that there is a third week but powered by Saudis and is called Wahabi ideology. The same extreme extraterrestrial ideology which is creating havoc every where in the world and yet not courageous enough to declare itself as Wahabi.

Conf. Photo

The question is why they come down to take refuge in Sunniyat? He answered because this is the only acceptable name in India the home of second largest Muslim population of world. This Wahabi ideology could gather more strength in independent India because it could gather government patronizing. And now trying to capture Muslim monuments and mosques wherever possible to provide strong base to wahabism .He described the wonderful story of a mosque which was captured by the wahabis with active connivance of WAQF Board .that mosque was finally liberated by Sunnis in due course. But the other masque in Kanpur U.P. is not as much fortunate to be liberated. The crowd protested against interference of waqf board and declared its support to All India Ulama & Mashaikh Board, by instantly chanting “Ashraf-e-millat zindabad”.

He said that Saudi Arabia and Qatar have been protecting and funding an ideology which is very injurious to world peace and humanity. He named all the Islamic economies that have been targeted by wahabis and to place an instance of worst kind of wahabi terror he narrated the story of demolishing the tomb of Hazrat e Hujr Bi Adi, a companion of prophet and a close friend of fourth Caliph Hazrat Ali .


During the whole address by Hazrat Maulana Syed Mohammad Ashraf Kichachauchvi the crowd supported his arguments by slogans. Sometimes “Hum tumahre saath hain” was also a regular chant. He was striking some sort of personal chord with the audience because almost every one knew Hazrat Maulana Syed Mohammad Ashraf Kichachauchvi personally. Had heard him earlier and wanted some favorite repeats from his earlier speeches and sermons. Demands like “JALKUMBHI JALKUMBHI “could bring old pieces of expression back to life in this conference Hazrat Maulana was generous to repeat old expression, phrases, idioms, events and icons to bring his point home and acceptable and memorable.

Hazrat Maulana Syed Mohammad Ashraf Kichachauchvi capped his speech with a declaration that from now on, AIUMB is the organization of every Sunni. His declaration was again greeted by huge supporting hands shown by he followers and disciples. Amethi, as a parliamentary constituency, is much sensitive and the general Muslim population was showing lot of interest in AIUMB and its president.


That was evident from the presence of hundreds and thousands of people coming to the ground with banners and flexes on four vehicles and two vehicles and also by public transport, trains and other modes of transportation. The 5 districts of Faizabad commissionary Sultanpur, Amethi, Barabanki, RaeBareli and Faizabad participated in big way.

Syed Tanvir Hashimi, Said that whenever the fact comes to claim its position on stage the fiction has to fade out. The good news of coming the fact closer to claim its space is not national it is global. Sunniyat is not only a scholarly issue. It is a way of life which insists on lot of things badly disregarded by wahabis. He said Sunni Muslims need to protection. They need unison and accord. The galaxy as seen on this platform says the unity has taken place. It is now visible.

Syed Alamgir Ashraf compared the event and on his turn as a speaker took up his famous line Wahabiyon Ki Na Imamt Qabool Hai Na Qayadat Qabool Hai.( We neither accept religious leadership of the wahabis nor we would accept the political guidance.He recalled the Martyrdom of Syedna Imam Hussein. He invited the gathering to become Hussani.

Maulana Syed Ahmad Ashraf accepted in his speech that Sunnis have erred in keeping their mosques inhabited. They did not care to secure them and so those mosques went under the control of wahabis who were struggling to get some foothold in mosques and monuments.It was an invitation to grabbers .They are still in poor invisible minority , yet they have learnt the art of grabbing mosques and snatching monuments with active connivance of the waqf boards and local administration., thanks to our failure to unite and put up our case strongly.

Allama Shoaib Raza Hashimi spoke on the devoted services of mashaikh and ulama in social transformation and their contribution to the independence movement.He along with others named Maulana Fazle Haq Khairabadi and said there lot of sunni sufi clerics who gave their supreme sacrifice .

Among others the mashaikh and clerics who took active part in this sunni conference are the following :

Hazrat Maulana Syed Mehdi Mian Moini Chishi, Chief Patron AIUMB & Gaddi Nashin Dargah Ajmer Sharif(Rajasthan)

Hazart Maulana Syed Mohammad Ashraf Kichhouchhwi- Foundar & President AIUMB

Syed Babar Ashraf- General Secratary AIUMB

Syed Hasan Jamee, National Secratary AIUMB

Hazart Maulana Shah Ammar Ahmad Ahmadi Nayyar Mian- President (UP)

Hazrat Maulana Syed Alamgir Ashraf- President Maharashtra

Hazrat Maulana Syed Tanveer Hashmi, Bijapur, Karnataka (AP)

Hazrat Maulana Syed Nooruddin Asdaq, Vice-President Bihar

Hazrat Maulana Syed Meraj Ashraf-Sajjada Nashin Jais Sharif & Patron Faizabad


Hazrat Maulana Syed Shahid Mian Moini Chishti, President Ajmer commissionary

Hazrat Maulana Syed Mohammad Ahmad Ashraf, Raibarely (UP)

Hazrat Syed Hasan Ashraf, Kichhouchha Sharif, Ambdedkar Nagar (U.P.)

Hazrat Syed Arshad Ashraf, Kichhouchha Sharif, Ambdedkar Nagar (U.P.)

Hazrat Syed Ghaus Ashraf, Kichhouchha Sharif, Ambedkar Nagar (UP)

Hazrat Mufti Syed Waseem Ashraf, Badaun (UP)

Hazrat Syed Masood Ashraf, Khanqah Faridia, Paighambar Nagar, Barabanki (U.P.)

Hazrat Syed Misbah Ashraf, Khanqah Ashrafia, Paighambar Nagar, Barabanki (U.P.)

Hazrat Syed Amir Masoodi- Khanqah Rabbania, Banda(UP)

Hazrat Abul Aas Hasan Misbahi-Khanqah Gulzaria, Town Kishni, Amethi

Hazrat Mohammad Arif Ali Naqshbandi, Khanqah Sandila, Lucknow (U.P.)

Hazrat Syed Shahid Raza, Jamshedpur, (Jharkhand)

Jb. Murtaza Husain, Jamshedpur (Jharkhand)

Jb. Hasan Raza Taji Rizvi, Member Hajj Committee of India

Jb. Abdul Lateef, Imam Jama Masjid Sultanpur(UP)

Jb. Sufi Sajid Ali Habibi Aasvi, Rai Barely (U.P.)

Iftikhar Ahmad Ashrafi, Mudarris Madarsa Kunhati Sultanpur (U.P.)

Jb. Ajmal Sultanpuri, Sultanpur (UP)

Jb. Chaudhry Asad Husain, Mahona State, Amethi (UP)

Jb. Moinuddin Qadri, Lucknow(UP)

Jb. Mohammad Wasim Akhtar Misbahi, Rudauli Sharif (U.P.)

Jb. Syed Mohd. Akmal Ashrafi Kanpur (U.P.)

Jb. Syed Faraz Ahmad Aamiri, Khanqah Asar Sharif, Jama Masjid, (Delhi)

Maulana Mohammad Shoeb Aaswi, Allahabad

Maulana Mohammad Ishteyaq Qadri, Madarsa Tajul Uloom Ashrafi, Bhikipur, Amethi

Qari Mohammad Merajul Hasan Khan, Khanqah Ashrafi Faizunnaim, Jais Sharif (U.P.)

Jb. Syed Mohammd Tariq Ahsraf, Jamu Road, Jagdishpur

Jb. Syed Neyaz Ashraf Jaisi, Jamia Arbia, Sultanpur (U.P.)

Jb. Syed Noor Ashraf Jaisi, Jais, Amethi (U.P.)

Jb. Mohammad Suleman, Satthin Sharif, DIstt. Amethi (U.P.)

Jb. Mohammad Mahmood Akhtar Qadri, Darul Uloom Habibia Gulshane Raza, Raibarely

Jb. Mohammad Zakir Husain, Tiloi, Amethi (U.P.)

Jb. Mohammad Meraj Raza Qadri-Barabanki (U.P.)

Maulana Shahbaz Anwar Ashrafi, Darul Uloom Jais, Amethi (U.P.)

Maulana Nasirul Islam Ahmad Qadri, Amethi

Jb. Mohammad Nizamuddin, Mahona, Amethi (U.P.)

Jb. Ziaul Mustafa Barkati, Jamia Mustafa Qadria, Ibrahimpur, Sultanpur (UP)

Jb. Qurban Ali, Mudarris Jamia Mustafa Qadria, Ibrahimpur, Sultanpur (UP)

Jb. Mohammad Faizan Raza, Pure Gauhar, Amethi (U.P.)

Jb. Mehdi Hasan Khan, Graiter Noida, UP

Jb. Maulana Mohammad Ashfaq, Jamia Ashraful Uloom, Nawazgarh, Amethi (U.P.)

Jb. Maulana Mohd. Akhlaq , Madarsa Misbhaul Uloom Nizamia, Saraon, Amethi

Jb. Master Meraj Ahmad, Kanpur (UP)

Jb. Syed Abdul Aziz, Gujrat

Jb. Syed Suja Ashraf, Sultanpur

Maulana Zahid Nizami, Barabanki (UP)

Maulana Mashooq Ahmad Ashrafi, Rasoolabad, Amethi (UP)

Maulana Abdul Khaliq Khan Ashrafi, Sultanpur (UP)

Maulana Nadim Akhtar, Darul Uloom Ghausia, Mohanganj, Amethi (UP)

Maulana Mahboob Alam Barkati, Jamia Mumtazia, Kunda, Pratapgarh (UP)

Qari Sakhawat Husain, Sambhal (UP)

Jb. Asad Ashrafi, Moradabad (UP)

Jb. Syed Anwar Ali Badaun (UP)

Qari Amir Raza, Moradabad (UP)

Qari Rahat Ali, Sambhal (UP)

Qari Margoob Husain, Sambhal (UP)

Maulana Wasi Ashraf, Sambhal (UP)

Maulana Qutubuddin Khan, Mahona, Amethi (UP)

Maulana Ghulam Dastagir, Ranchi (Jharkhand)

Jb. Mohammad Ali, Bikaner (Raj.)

Jb. Abdussattar, Bikaner (Raj)

Besides various districts of Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Rajasthan, Bihar, Jharkhand,

Maharashtrra, Karnataka and Gujarat were also represented by their delegates.

Muslim Mahapanchayat Bikaner,Rajasthan,10 feb 2013

‘Muslim Mahapanchayat’ (Muslim Assembly) in Bikaner

Save India from Vindictive Talibani Thought,

More Than 2 Million Sunni Muslim Echoed against Terrorism


Lambasted Terrorism, Appeal to save Islamic Heritage, Demanded to free India from Saudi Wahabi Agenda

Bikaner, Feb 10.

The grounds of the historic Sadul club stored with more than two million people of Sunni Sufis across India. It was really a memorable glimpse while lacs of people echoed ‘Bhaarat Zindabaad’ (Long Live India) & ‘Wahabi Murdabad’ (Wahabism, go to hell)


General Secretary of All India Ulema Board Maulana Syed Muhammad Ashraf Kichhouchhawi said that we shall not allow to use Indian soil for spreading terrorism. He blaimed that Saudi Arabia Petro Dollar is continuously ruining the world Islamic Heritage & culture and true Indian Muslim will not accept the imposition of Saudi Wahabi agenda over India. Maulana Ashraf remembered that Saudi Wahabi ideology only target soft Sunni world like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tunisia, Egypt, Mali, Libya, Iraq and now Syria. Maulana Ashraf warned Wahabist elements that they would be booked under the law, if they try to hamper India secular co existence social fabric.


He constantly lambasted Indian political class for not understanding the need and representation of Sunni Muslims in political gallery. Maulana Ashraf told that radical Wahabi fake Sunni Muslims looting the right of 80% real Sunni Muslims. He reiterated that the moderate Sunni Sufi Muslims in the country is 80% of Muslim population, but its participation in power and political gallery is zero. He

Draw a dictum that true Indian Sunni Muslim is neither  going to profess Wahabi religious leader nor accepting Wahabi as political mentor.


Addressing in an emotional tone Maulana Syed Jalaluddin Ashraf  Quadri Mian said catastrophe of Islamic world is carried out by foolish fanatical Wahhabist.  He told that we shall not allow Wahabi Gothic to capture India, which is more dangerous rather than others. Maulana Quadari said that Wahabi has a fear of ‘Dome’ that is why he try to blast it everywhere. They tried it from Africa to Pakistan to Afghanistan to Syria, but they will not be successful here in India as we are much aware of this dirty game of Saudi Arabian regime.

Ajmer Dargah presbyter and All India Ulama and Mashaikh Board Patron in Chief Maulana Syed Mehdi Mian told that the mystic land of Indian Saints and its culture unwelcome Wahabi Salafi ideology.


The All India Ulama and Mashaikh Board also emphasized that the 80% Muslim population of the country, in the spirit of government programs, planning and policy find no place. The Wahabi agenda to hinge on India and Islamic archeology, shrines, mosques and madrasas. The demand letter was passed in Sadul Club ground in the presence of more than two million people in unison, “Please accept, please accept it” slogan made by vibrant sky.


Chief Conservator of shrines, Ulema (knower of Islam), the imam of the local mosque, city Qazis of Rajasthan including several hundreds of millions of people attended the assembly.To make it grand success of the program Rafiq Shah, Haji Salim Sodha, Maqbool Hussain alias Mantu Sodha, Nuruddin Qurashi, Mahbub Ali Khan, Muhammad Ali, Meraj Khan, Mubeen Ahmed, Qari Ali Nawaz, Kalu Khan, Ahmed Bhutta and Ateeq devoted whole heartedly. Dawate Sunni Islamic institution, including many local organizations worked day and night to make the program success.
President of the Board of Uttar Pradesh Ammar Ahmad Ahmadi, Qari Ayub from Muzaffarpur, Qari Mati ur Rehamn from Samastipur, Qari Amir Raza, hundreds of Muslim thinkers, Ulema and the common people were also present.